Posted by: endhy | July 3, 2009

4 Years of Joy

holding hands

like it was just yesterday
you put on the ring and kissed my cheek
i held your hands, and surrendered my heart

nothing really special happened through the years
except that i only cried happy tears..(well mostly ! 🙂

i’m sorry if i so get used to be your partner
instead of being your mate
i’m sorry if no matter how hard i tried
i could never touch you so light
that i didn’t leave a dent

but after all we’ve been through
you know that i love you, do you ?
cause if you don’t..
well, maybe a little bit repair on my kisses
would help you to know *twink*

and honey, deep inside here
i know that you loved me, i always knew
whatever happens in the future
i would still thankful for the years passed by
that i blessed to have you with me

well, happy 4th anniversary..
may our wedding always be blessed..
just in case you forget..SHMILY 🙂

ps : i don’t cook tonight, will you take me out for dinner ?hehe :p



  1. It would be an honour :*

  2. salam perkenalan.. saya dr malaysia.. teruja tengok kek2 awak.. di sana cupcakenyer sy dengar mahal ye.. kalau puan, satu biji jual berapa?

    all the best!

  3. HAppy Anniversary Endhy, semoga selalu bahagia sampai kakaek dan nenek…

    Gimana kabar toko kue nya? Lama ga update blognya nih. Kangen liat karya2 endhy…

  4. jeng endhy.. waa.. selamat ya.. dah angka 4 !
    semoga tetep mjd keluarga samara yg diberkahi Allah.. amiin amiin,

    kangen ama postingan2nya.. foto2 kue2nya mana 😀

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